Hit the Snooze Button in Time to Stay Away From Wrinkles


Late nights are fun! But it can also lead to wrinkles as well.

Late nights can lead to wrinkles. We need to sleep. It’s Mother Nature’s spa treatment, when the body repairs damaged cells and even dissolves those nasty free radicals that cause premature aging and even cancer.

But when we skip sleep, we stress out the skin and deprive it of one of its most powerful healing processes. Here’s why your bed is a better anti-wrinkle treatment than anything you can find in a bottle.
Take advantage of the Delta effect. The skin needs all the stages of sleep to dissolve free radicals — but it’s only in the “Delta” stage of sleep where hormone levels peak and cell repair takes place.
Kick down the cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that cause premature aging and leaves us more vulnerable to diseases like hypertension. Unfortunately, the body produces huge amounts of this when it lacks sleep. While one or two late nights won’t do any harm, prolonged sleep debt — like those suffered by moms of newborns and call center employees — puts you on the wrinkle fast track.

Lose weight. Just missing out on three hours of sleep increase your body’s levels of ghrelin, which triggers your body’s hunger mechanism. You wake up starving for complex carbohydrates.
Maximize your beauty routines. Skin temperature also rises when you sleep, allowing topical treatments to penetrate the skin more effectively than they do during the day.

Skip the makeup. While puffiness is determined by genetics, shadows are often aggravated by lack of sleep, which can cause some blood to seep from the tiny capillaries beneath the thin skin under your eyes. You could use concealer, but when you’re sleep-deprived, do you really feel like putting on makeup?