Holiday Gift Ideas For Men

Reflection of a young man in the bathroom mirror after shaving

Reflection of a young man in the bathroom mirror after shaving

Men like to look professional and well-groomed even though they might never admit that they spend time grooming themselves. While some men are not even sure about what skin care products to buy, others don’t prefer spending money on what they consider ‘extras’ and choose to borrow this-and-that from the women in their lives.

This Holiday season, take the chance to inform your men about how important it is for them to take care of themselves and step in and buy him skin care products that he would not have had the intention (or guts) to buy.

Here are some skin care products gift ideas for the fabulous men in your life. Skin Care Heaven presents a variety of skin care kits and skin care treatment systems that aim to improve the condition of his skin and give him healthier and good-looking complexion.

Skin Care Heaven Deluxe Anti Aging System for Men
This includes everything in the Men’s anti-aging System plus our DNA Repair and the Chemical Free Sunscreen. It is a complete skin care system for men. It includes:

Exfoliating Cleanser
Contains 5% Glycolic Acid that deep cleans the skin pores and removes dead skin cells.

Re-texturizing Toning Pads
Contains 10% Glycolic Acid and Antioxidants that improves skin
texture while evening out skin tone.

Retinol Plus Soothing Serum
It helps to firm and hydrate the skin.

DNA Repair Serum
It stimulates collagen and repairs damaged tissue.

Chemical-Free SPF 30
It is a broad spectrum sunblock that contains powerful antioxidants to protect against harmful UV rays

Skin Care Heaven Cell Protein Serum
This product contains growth factors to promote the production of collagen in the skin. Cell Protein Serum uses stabilized Vitamin C which provides powerful antioxidants which help to rejuvenate and restore the skin.

This would be an excellent addition to his skin care regimen… if he has one that is. And if he doesn’t… this would be a great way to start one!