How Do You Apply Mineral Make-Up?

Mineral Make-Up
Mineral make-up is the new rage in the cosmetics industry. Made up of natural minerals, it is not only healthy for the skin but also provides superior coverage to hide your facial imperfections. How well it stays on your skin depends on how well you apply it.

Applying mineral make-up requires a bit of extra time and attention. But even though it may seem daunting initially, you can achieve flawless complexion if you have the right tools and know the correct techniques.

Use Different Brushes

For Foundation
Mineral foundation is best applied by a Kabuki brush. It isquite similar to a powder or blush brush or powder brush but it has short, stubby handle and firm, full bristles. This makes it easier to hold and apply foundation with a buffing motion. The bristles allow for an even coverage on your face..

For Concealer
Use a concealer brush that has firm narrow bristles with a rounded tip to apply concealer. In fact, you can use your fingers to dab concealer for undereye circles and areas needing more coverage.

Apply Sparingly

You might think that you can just dab mineral make-up over your face and be done with it given its loose powdery texture. However, it is much more translucent than loose powder and needs to be applied sparingly. Here are some tips for proper application.

Take a small amount of the foundation or concealer on a tissue.
Dab a Kabuki brush into the powder and rotate the bristles so that the powder gets worked into it. Continue doing it till there is no powder visible on the tips of the bristles.
Start at your forehead and proceed towards the edges of your face, buffing the brush in a circular motion. Continue this until you need to add more product.
This buffing motion makes the minerals of the product blend evenly all across your face.